Choosing ecoSmart Concrete has Significant Advantages

Using ecoSmart Concrete ensures that the concrete used for your project is optimally suited for its purpose and the process is more predictable

Optimizing the concrete mix in terms of raw materials and composition improves the properties of both the fresh concrete for more efficient installation as well as those of the hardened concrete-where measurable improvement in surface finishes is a result.

Ground Floor slabs
and slab on metal deck

For more than 30 years, synthetic reinforcing fibers have been used in elevated slab concrete applications with much success. Designers and specifiers have discovered that cost savings are dramatic when CONTEC three-dimensional fibers are used as an alternative to wire mesh reinforcement. The handling of the wire mesh, time necessary to place it, and additional provisions required during concrete placement justify its easy and efficient usage. The world renowned underwriters laboratories have approved the fibers in place of steel.

Ground water
and septic tanks

CONTEC has played an important role in changes and performance of precast concrete such as in situ septic tanks, allowing the tank-producing industry to realize a valuable goal in producing durable and cost-effective steel-free products.

Swimming pools

With its application in swimming pools, are far lower specification and amount of steel reinforcement is required thereby saving time and cost. Its ability to prevent cracking helps to avoid any failure and water leakage, a common problem in areas where earth tremors occur.

Roads and highways

The use of CONTEC fibers in road construction has proven to reduce construction time by up to 30% at no extra cost. This is due to the ability to have longer distances between joints than with conventional road construction. Also mobilization and demobilization is fast and the concrete achieves full strength very quickly. Another highlight is that the durability of the road is far higher due to the three dimensional reinforcement, resistance to cracking, and greater surface abrasion and impact resistance.


CONTEC noncorrosive fibers have been used in a wide variety of air-placed concrete projects as a valuable performance-rated reinforcement that is extremely easy to add, mix, and shoot. In both above-ground artificial rock and waterscapes, and underground tunnel linings and mining, the noncorrosive characteristic of CONTEC is extremely attractive. CONTEC has also been used successfully in thousands of cubic meters of wet-mix shotcrete that was produced from pre-blended dry-bagged materials, primarily in underground tunnel projects.

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